Walk in the Light

Celebrating 110 years of ministry in Hurstville

Eleven decades ago a faithful group of people, compelled by the love of Christ, came together on this street to form a community of faith … to nurture followers of Jesus.

This community has been shining the light of the gospel of Jesus ever since, sometimes well, sometimes badly but always seeking to be a faithful presence.

The word of God, the Bible, uses the symbol of “light” to help us understand the love and concern of God for us.
It speaks of God’s word being a light … a guide. If you have ever stumbled in the darkness … the image is powerful.

Light dispels darkness and fear. Light allows us to see clearly.

We are called by God to spread the good news about Jesus … to share Jesus in speech and action … to introduce others to Jesus … that together we may, as His followers, walk in His light.

So Jesus calls each of us to walk in His light … to be formed, shaped and inspired by Him …to make visible the love of God for the people of the world.

We are called to walk in the company of Jesus … to enjoy a relationship with Him and his followers … to experience His mercy and love.  May we each live in a way that reflects the light of Jesus.

Peterson says “The light of the world eliminates darkness, separates life from death, [and] gives meaning and direction to history”. This is the purpose of the Church.

May we live as faithful followers of Jesus and walk in His light.