our values

The values of simplicity and freedom in Christ leads to some distinctive traits that are generally found in Churches of Christ:

1. reflecting the centrality of Jesus: we highly value baptism and the Lord’s Supper

these are two ways that believers can physically and personally re-enact Jesus’ life saving act – his sacrifice for us – committing and recommitting their lives to him

2. reflecting the responsibilities of freedom: we value the independence of local churches

there is no controlling denominational structure that tells local churches what they must believe or do in their local context. Christ remains the head of his church and we are inspired by his leadership

3. reflecting the ownership of community: we value the interdependence of local churches

as a network of mission-shaped Christian communities we collaborate, helping each other in our mission, modelling transparency and mutual accountability

4. reflecting the opportunity of personal mission: we value every member as a minister and missionary

there is no professional priests who are the go-between connecting the individual to God. Each member is a participant, empowered for ministry and mission

5. reflecting the surrender of servanthood: we value the Bible as the God’s inspired word

the Bible is our sole statement of belief and plays a central role in determining our understanding of God’s character and divine will for us

6. reflecting the gracefulness of God: we value unity, diversity, freedom and liberty

we acknowledge that every person is different and may find God in different styles and perspectives. Our church communities reflect this diversity and we treat fellow-journeyers with respect, tolerance and grace – following the example of our God

extracted from:
Simply Christians: a journey of spiritual transformation
– a reflection on the values of Churches of Christ in NSW

Dr Stephen Smith
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